Princess Isabelle Smith-Roman
Sire: Astro Van Kurnik (1-3) Ofa # Gr-79905E39M-NOPI
Dam: Kinruk VENUS (2-3)
Whelped: 01/27/2004
Hipps/good elbows/normal Heart/normal


Izzy past Christmas Eve. She will be missed

Izzy is our 1st Golden. She is unbelivable, a true retriever and excellent tracker and my wifes guardian. She was the driving force in us becoming breeders. We had a lot to learn about breeding and the needs of a Golden. With Izzy’s help and other breeders in the area, Kary Love/ Seasons Gold Goldens, Pam Dellinger/ North Lake Norman Goldens and Joanne Cava/ Tanglewood Goldens we are doing things the right way. But as in life you learn something every day. Thanks Izzy and the Breeders for all their help.


Pedigree of “Princess Isabelle Smith-Roman”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Astro Van Kurnik (1-3) Ofa # Gr-79905E39M-NOPI     


Sir Golden Theodore Bear (03-98) DNA #V204014

 Ch Goldwind All the right moves (4-87) OFA24G OFA24G
Hardcase Diamond Lil (9-96) OFA 27G
Alymarz Turn thePage of Glenwood (12-99) Coopers Kaleidoscope Faydream (7-97)
Shianne of Glenwood (12-94) OFA34G


Kinruk VENUS (2-3)

Logan Samuel West (08-01) Rusty Sides of Panther Point (6-99)
Lady Abbigale Kerley (2-95)
Neylands Maggie Mae (11-00) Jacob Bradley (2-99)
Cleo Chelsea Myers (2-99)

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Izzy and Lucky