Maxamillion Gold Smith
Sire: Hilltop Seasons Extravaganza (8-04)
Dam: Seasons Golden Jubilee (12-02) Ofa A25G OfeL25 Lt
Whelped: 9/26/2005




Max is our American Golden. His is available at Stud

As of now he is the #1 house puppy and toy HOG

Pedigree of “Maxamillion Gold Smith “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Hilltop Seasons Extravaganza (8-04)     


Ch Gangways Sweeter than Whine (4-99) OFA 25F OFE l58

 Ch Signature’s Natural Wonder (9-93) OFA 27G
Faera’s Sweet Caroline (6-97) OFA 24G
Birnam Wood’s Children At Play (4-01) OFA28G OFE L60 Ch Sunbeam’s Cruise Controll (6-98) OFE L48
Ch Goodtimes Raining Comets (1-96) OFA 32G


Seasons Golden Jubilee (12-02) Ofa A25G OfeL25 Lt

Stylish Season of Samson (6-99) OFA 25G Ch Lovejoy’s Catchme if u cancan (9-95) OFA 24E
Chuckanut Sierra In a sunset (11-97)
Majavin’s Sunny day (2-02) OFA 24E Spyce Mann Benko (2-97)
Majavin’s Sweet Suprise (2-99)